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Today, websites are our eyes to the world. In Gambia this is more relevant than many places. When someone sits at home or in their office in London, England they have only one good way to learn about The Gambia, its people, businesses or opportunities. That way is through the internet by looking at the websites that they find.

Which websites they find and what they think of them depends on how those websites are marketed and designed.
Rhythm provides world class website design and marketing services which can ensure your business is found and appreciated.

Rhythm has been readily accepted into the marketplace and, since opening in June 2006, has designed and constructed more websites than any other company in The Gambia.

Website design in Gambia has been a steadily growing market since high speed internet came to The Gambia.

Before 1998 a single 9.6Kbit link operated by Gamtel which was only able to send and recieve email was Gambia's only link to the world. However, late in 1998 a World Bank/UNDP supported project opened the first high speed gateway to the internet.

The new gateway, a complete satellite system connecting Gamtel's Satelitte station in Abuko to Teleglobe in Canada at 512Kbit opened the world to the Gambian public and Gambia to the world.

Since that time there have been significant changes in the internet infrastructure in the country. In 2001, the link speed was increased to 1Mbit, followed by further increments in following years up to 9Mbit.
Several internet service providers including Gamtel, QuantumNet and Netpage jumped in and started offering services to the general public and internet cafe's began sprouting up all accross Gambia. Particularly in the West Coast region.

Between 2001 and 2005 internet usage in Gambia grew rapidly increasing by more than 1150% with some 49,000 people actively using the internet, but the most explosive growth was yet to come.

During this time and up until the opening of internationally owned Rhythm Ltd. in June 2006 the growing demand for website design and online solutions has been met by an assorted group of companies and individuals. Unfortunately for Gambia, because of the scarcity of trained people to perform the work, costs have remained high and quality has sometimes been poor. Some providers have also turned to outsourcing overseas to Asian suppliers.

Since 2005, with the introduction of more computers in the classroom, ready availability of internet access in the cafe's internet activity has increased dramatically, particularly amoungst youth. Additionally, in late 2005 a new law passed enabling the private sector to open more Gateway's to the Gambia and several companies have taken immediate advantage. Finally, to keep pace with demand in spring 2006 Gamtel expanded their network to 48Mbit more than quadrupling the previous bandwidth to the entire country.

What does this growth mean for website design? With thousands of new users taking to the internet every month the demand for local online infrastructure is rapidly increasing. More and more business owners are learning the advantages of using the internet to provide better service to their customers and to attract new markets, particularly overseas. To meet this demand resources (people) with the skills to develop quality websites at reasonable prices are needed. That is where Rhythm enters this history.

In June 2006, Rhythm Ltd. opened its doors with a philosophy of commoditizing the website design services market. This meant having high quality, dynamic websites built at low fixed costs. To accomplish this Rhythm launched an aggressive recruiting and training campaign aimed at young Gambian's with basic technical skills. In just a few months, under a rigorous structure, the results were astonishing and new local talent was developed.

Today, this campaign continues and successful new web developers offer their services to the Gambian market through Rhythm each month.

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