The Portal

As an information technology (IT) company in The Gambia Rhythm is committed to building the infrastructure of the region, putting vital data where it is needed most. In your hands.

In fact, putting that data where you can get it is what information technology is all about - information. Whether you are looking for a telephone number, whats happening around town or just the latest gossip it is important you can find what you want.

Rhythm is investing heavily in making these possibilities a reality here in The Gambia and accross the region. This is most evident in our central information portal .

WOW Gambia brings together many sources of data under one roof, making it possible for the public to access formerly unavailable or disparite information through a single gateway. Making this possible requires a lot of collaboration and coordination amoungst the companies providing the information in each area. Current news, for instance, is vital and the internet is often the only source available especially for those who are living abroad. Rhythm has partnered with both The Observer Daily News and The Point national newspapers, as well as international sources to provide a comprehensive look at Gambia's news all from a single site.

All information, government data, health information, hotels and restaurant listings, real estate, phone numbers, maps, news, local events, hospital/health data, education systems, available jobs, company offers, new music, exchange rates, flight information, everything should be available to be found easily on the internet. A good portal system should make that possible.

Rhythm continues to work toward this goal and will publish all data we feel is relevant to the public's needs. If you or your company has data or information you feel should be available to everyone please contact us so we can see how best to put your information online.

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